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I’m your host Marion Ellis. One of the questions I often get asked is what is the Surveyor Hub? And on one level it’s just a Facebook group, it’s a podcast. I see it as a way to feel part of a world and industry that can often leave us feeling, well a little bit isolated.

And I feel that too. As a woman of a certain age, a female surveyor with a background in residential defect and valuation claims I’ve often felt a little out on a limb. I run a small club for owners of surveying businesses and we get a lot from the power of connection - be it learning something new we can implement in our businesses or having a chat in one of our socials because we have not spoken to anyone all day. 

And I really believe that the power of human connection has led us to do the work we do as surveyors from inspecting properties to finance and spreadsheets - the work of a surveyor is wide and varied. At its heart though is whatever shape and form it is, we help offer security and a roof over someone's head, safe, warm and dry.

And that is really what this podcast is about, I chat to surveyors and those working in the industry about why we do what we do, lessons learned along the way, highs and lows and the fun stuff too. I have a tendency to get things off my chest so you’ll also hear me talk about some of the things that matter to me and my own experiences such as being diagnosed with ADHD, being a visible female role model and all that comes with that and chasing that elusive work-life balance as a parent.

My business is called Love Surveying which tells you how enthusiastic I am about the people and our work - and I did toy with the idea of changing the name of this podcast, but well, it felt like another thing to do, and we’ve been around for a little while now. 

You can keep in touch with me in several ways - we have The Surveyor Hub Facebook community group, you can sign up to join my email list, you can follow me on social media, you can rate, review and follow this podcast and tune in whenever and wherever you want. You can even Buy Me a Coffee.

Please do drop me a note or voice mail anytime, I’d love to hear from you, and I hope you enjoy this podcast.


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Marion Ellis

As a chartered surveyor with a background in defect and valuation claims, Marion has first-hand experience of why we make mistakes and what we need to do to support ourselves to prevent them. A Fellow member of the RICS and qualified customer experience professional, Marion is passionate about empowering people. At Love Surveying, she provides the support, coaching and networking surveyors and property professionals need to handle career challenges confidently and navigate the right business journey for them. Founder of The Surveyor Hub podcast and community Marion also supports surveyors in business through her coaching and mentoring programmes. Marion is an Ambassador for Lionheart.