Episode 70

070 The Risk in Your Business

At least once a week, a surveyor contacts me who has received a complaint or claim and doesn't know what to do, or is now struggling to obtain PII insurance. And yes, while the market for insurance isn't great, the premiums are high, customers are a pain in the neck and didn't read the report, the plain truth is that at some level, you do not have a well run business and you've left yourself exposed. So if you find yourself in this situation, what do you do?

What We Cover: - How to accept your own part of responsibility for a complaint or a claim

- The benefits of being a member of RICS and having your business regulated

- Why it’s better that you are a limited company than a sole proprietor

- The importance of allocating time each week or month to work on your business

- The three areas you should focus on in your busines

- Why understanding your customers is key to reducing risk

- How your personal development plan helps you run your business in a safe way

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As a chartered surveyor with a background in defect and valuation claims, Marion has first-hand experience of why we make mistakes and what we need to do to support ourselves to prevent them. A Fellow member of the RICS and qualified customer experience professional, Marion is passionate about empowering people. At Love Surveying, she provides the support, coaching and networking surveyors and property professionals need to handle career challenges confidently and navigate the right business journey for them. Founder of The Surveyor Hub podcast and community Marion also supports surveyors in business through her coaching and mentoring programmes. Marion is an Ambassador for Lionheart.